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Personal Chef

Personal Chef services allow for a very intimate connection; From the Soil to the Chef to your plate!

Whether you are dedicating time to your craft or need a personal chef for a dinner party, I can bring healthy and delicious food to your everyday table.

I focus on sustainable, seasonal and local food. Providing a specifically designed healthy menu for your unique culinary palate.

It's not a luxury, its a support system to nourish your life.


Event Catering

This is my real joy.

I specialize in Gatherings such as Weddings, Yoga retreats, Private events, Festivals and more

When you hire my team and I for your event, you'll get more than delicious food: You'll get adepts who are in tune with the delicacies of Space, Ceremony, Ritual and the storytelling of bringing people together. We know how to navigate events, weaving the threads behind the scenes creating culinary magic that is infused with beauty and a feast for the senses.

The Hearth and Food are the central pillars of any gatherings and we treat it as such. Our respect for your Gathering starts with our respect for the Earth and follows us into the kitchen.

We have served gatherings such as Weddings, CI & 5rythm dance, Grief Ceremonies, Men's retreats, Yoga retreats, Plant medicine, dinner parties, boat tours and more.


Krystal & Jasper

Thanks again so much for feeding us all so immaculately with your hard heart work.  It was truly a blessing to have you be an integral part of our wedding ceremony... and even though it is often understated, food is really at the Center of community gathering, so Thank you for bringing together the community in such a good way.


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